PONX​-​006​-​Vacant Youth S​/​T

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Formed in 2012 from San Diego, CA Vacant Youth brings an old school west cost hardcore sound with a hint of east coast breakdowns. Every song makes you want to punch a wall and throw your fists at a swarm of bees.
FFO: Black Flag, Negative Approach, Battalion of Saints, and Youth of Today.


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released November 28, 2015



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Track Name: MOFO
It's an endless void, A struggle to survive, Daily routine, And then you die, There's no future for you and I, All false hope, A fake reality. Learn about old white men who fucked us all, Glorifying war, While burning out the poor, A false sense of hope, A false sense of gain, Submit to the culture, Or you'll be left astray. I don't get, Why we have to work, Why we have to try, When we're gonna die, Why we go to school, To get a job, Just to be a number, In their fucking mob.
Track Name: BFB
False front, Mindless obsession, Controlling every action. You're all fucking fakes, With the images that you "create," You're a bunch of fucking fakes, With the pictures that you take. Show off all your pride, To cover up what's inside, I know it's all a front, Hide behind the truth, Hide behind the screen. You're all fucking fakes, With the images that you "create," You're a bunch of fucking fakes, With the pictures that you take.
Track Name: Hot Shot
I thought I was done, I thought I served my time, I guess I was wrong, Ain’t that sublime. High school ain’t over, For the cool few. High school ain’t over, For the new you. Thinking I was safe, Stabbed in the back, Looking like me, What can I expect. Every fucking time, you knew, Except you’re always wrong, who knew? Every fucking time, you knew what was mine, And you pinned me down. Living in the past, Playing truth loose and fast, Your thin veil is a joke, Cool guys never choke. Not you, Never you. Not you, Never you. Lame-ass hot shot, Same-ass hot shot, Blame me hot shot, You fucking blood clot.
Track Name: Home
Blissful myth, Blissful hate, Ignorance can never create, We are taught subliminally, To obey all authority. No morals, No direction, Nothing here is for certain, Our colors aren't so great, No control, No mistake. All the culture, All this waste, A product of evolution's case, There's no future in this place, Just humans, Caught up in the rat race.
Track Name: Go Die
Fat little pudge, Flying through the sky, Off to save, All of mankind. You think you really know, But you have no idea. A bird, A plane, No one has a clue, Expect for me and you. You think you really know, But you have no idea. Wrap your mind around, The fat ball of joy. Fighting villains, Fighting crime, Fighting to save all of mankind.
Track Name: Duff
What's the matter, Have we all gone insane, Fighting these wars for monetary gain, Thousands of people dying everyday, All at the heart of a capitalist gain. No you won't, You can't have me, I'll find a way, To break free, Gonna kill big man on top, Fuck everyone they'll see him drop. Walk down the hall, Vengeance in hand, Wanna destroy all of man, Gotta find a way to break free, Gonna break free with this casualty.
Track Name: Low Flow
Slice right through their neck, No more hope, Plenty more dead. I'm having all the fun, Having such a blast, Bodies hanging from the wall, Kicking your mommy's ass. Push the axe, Through their head, Blood gushing out from the dead, Break out my saw, For my souvenir, It'll look right over here.